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Award Winning Designs Symphony Kitchens Toronto

Over the last few years we have won numerous design awards for top quality, planning, design and craftsmanship.


We try to ease our customers by providing them with a high level of services and try our best to strengthen the degree of their satisfaction.

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We’re very proud that our company has been growing every year and has won over 14 awards from different reputable organizations.

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Symphony Kitchens has made several projects for famous TV Shows and can be seen on W Network’s Property Brothers.

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Symphony Kitchens Presents


A concert of Design and Workmanship

Featuring Overture of Elegance

For many Toronto homeowners, renovating and designing your living space is an exciting task. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when designing the kitchen. Whether you’re interested in an urban, transitional or a traditional, classic style, we can create the kitchen of your dreams. With all the things to consider, it can be just stressful to achieve the desired outcome without the right guide and inspiration. Here, at Symphony Kitchens, we can define which elements are most important.

The best kitchen design has a number of important aspects.  A high attention to detail must be paid to the floors, countertops and most of all the cabinets that make up the kitchen.

The kitchen floor is an important detail that can either add to outstanding kitchen design or hinder its appearance. If the floor is done improperly, it will have a negative effect on the overall look, which is why it must be done to a high, quality standard. You have more than one option when choosing your flooring for your unique kitchen. Two popular choices are laminate or hardwood style flooring. However, laminate or tile can also be done tastefully. Keep in mind that you don’t want the floor to be the center of attention, but it is important that it adds and accentuates other aspects of the kitchen.


Matinee Pricing

Highlighting A chorus of Competence

The countertops are one of the more significant parts of a kitchen. In a good design the countertops are prominent, durable, and versatile. Also, they should be aesthetically pleasing and balance the rest of the layout and style. Marble countertops give a luxurious feeling and the color variations can accent that of the floor and cabinets. Many mineral options are available for tops, also. When choosing your top it’s better to invest in good quality that will provide you with versatility and strength.

The cabinets are the most important aspect of a high quality kitchen design. They are the most prominent and visible feature. When guests enter your kitchen, the cabinets create the biggest impression. Therefore it is vital to choose the right wood type, stain and finish so that the best impression is given. Additionally, cabinets have to be functional and offer a sufficient amount of storage while not compromising appearance. If you focus only on style, and do not give yourself enough storage space, your kitchen will become useless. At the same time, you do not want create an excessive amount of compartments because it will ruin the look. Depending on how you plan on utilizing your kitchen, appropriate decisions must be made. It’s important to make sure that everything is balanced.

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