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 Honest and very professional group

We had our kitchen done by Symphony Kitchens Inc a few years ago. We were so impressed we asked them to build a  custom wall unit for our living room and basement. The quality of their work is superb. They clearly take pride in their craftsmanship. They provided us with many unique designs that met our unique needs for each room. They created a modern basement unit that impresses all our guests. Since they build their units in their factory, they were able to install them in one day. They are an honest and very professional group. I have happily referred them to my friends and family.





Symphony Kitchens Inc revitalized our Showroom

 It had been over 30 years and we had outgrown our front counter many moons ago.  It was time to feed some new life into our ever growing family.  What was once only 6-7 employees, had expanded to 19  and growing.   Our counter space consisted of about a 8ft by 4ft area and it was off to side, so it really wasn’t a “front counter” , it was a “side counter”. Obviously not enough room for all of us.

 We were referred to Symphony Kitchens through one of our clients.  The process was overwhelming because it wasn’t just a counter we were changing, it was 30 years of stuff, desks, and the layout of the entire showroom.  The new front counter is now centralized in the showroom and our work space had tripled.

Oleg and his team were extremely knowledgeable and were very innovative with their ideas.  The  communication they put forth from start to finish was impeccable.  This huge project was done in a weekend, this meant  we did not have to close our retail space, not even for a day. This was crucial to a business that had been around for 48 yrs and had contractors and clients that relied on us to be open for 8am.

The quality of workmanship and professionalism of Symphony Kitchens shines.

Speers Flooring has received many compliments and inquiries in regards to the new space.  Our clients and family were in “awe”.   To this day, we  can’t even believe the beauty of our cabinetry and design centre.

Hats off to Oleg and his team!

From our family to yours.

Thank you.

266 Speers Road, Oakville, L6K 2E9, (905) 845-8562, (Fax) 845-8704,